A confident and experienced presenter, I speak internationally on UX design for games, careers in the industry and the intersection between design and art.

Speaking at GDC's Game Career Summit (2015) - talk available here.

Speaking at Creative Mornings Edinburgh (2018)

Talk History
'Gamers are not who you think!' - Creative Mornings Edinburgh (April 2018)
'Experimental UX' - Spilbar, Copenhagen (June 2017)
'You Are a UX Designer' - Kingfomarket, Barcelona (May 2017)
'Emigrating and Empathy' - 20 Years of Games at Abertay University, Dundee (May 2017)
UX in Games panel with David Lightbown and Marie Ehrndal - Women in Games Meetup, Malmö (March 2017)
'UX and Creativity' - Salong #17 at Media Evolution, Malmö (February 2017)
'Finding Your Path in Game Development' - Abertay University, Dundee (November 2016)
'Internships: Bridging the Gap from Education to Industry' - GDC, San Francisco (March 2015)
Want me to speak at your conference, event, birthday party? Drop me a line at me@caitlingoodale.com

Speaking at Spilbar on how auteurship relates to user-centred design (2017).

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